Program on the Environment fall series "On race: Talking, Listening, Making Change"

Program on the Environment Open Spaces Conversations

The UW Program on the Environment is hosting a series of structured conversations this Fall with UW campus leaders who have helped create change, called "On race: Talking, Listening, Making Change." These "Open Spaces Conversations" will happen every Friday at 3 p.m., although some of them will be for Program on the Environment students only. 

Digging into UW's environmental history

UW's ENVIR 480: Sustainability Studio class in the Program on the Environment presents students with a sustainability topic which they engage in as part of an experiential learning course. The topics change each quarter - this spring, the students researched the UW's environmental history. Over the coming weeks, we'll be publishing some of the information students uncovered.

Discover the details of UW's environmental history

The UW Program on the Environment Sustainability Studio class has been investigating the University of Washington's environmental history this quarter, and the students are going to share their findings with a campus walking tour on Thursday, May 28.

The tour will highlight some of UW's iconic and hidden environmental history hotspots, as it looks at how the university's past and present challenge and inspire the UW's sustainability goals.