Alan Wright, Student
Anthony Guerrero*, UW Bothell, Facilities Services & Physical Plant
Bethany Staelens, UW Educational Outreach
Campus Sustainability Fund Team and Volunteers
Cheryl Wheeler, UW Educational Outreach
Christopher Adams & Davis Wolbrecht, Health Science Building Green Team
Claudia Christensen, Procurment Services
Denis Martynowych, Planning & Budgeting
Jackie Harris, Finance & Facilities
Jennifer Burley, UW Tacoma
Jim Calbreath, Health Sciences Academic Services & Facilities
John Kerr, Institute for Health Metrics & Evaluation
JR Fulton*, Housing & Food Services
Kristin Elko, Recycling & Solid Waste
Krysta Yousoufian, Student
Michael Meyering, Housing & Food Services
Michelle Trudeau & Amanda Davis, School of Forest Resources
Tim Nguyen, UWMC
Syd Fredrickson, UW Educational Outreach
UW Farm
UW Tower Green Team
UW Tacoma Environmental Science Program

*Not eligible for award as members of the Environmental Stewardship Advisory Committee