Bottle Cap Recycling - Bottle caps must be recycled separately, and through a Green Team effort, can be efficiently collected and recycled.

Composting Programs - Bringing a compost bin into the kitchen or break room, and creating a schedule for Green Team members to empty it is a great way to reduce waste and give back to the environment.

Energy Savings - By finding ways to save energy, Green Teams are reducing operating costs and lightening their carbon footprint.

Paper Reduction - From printing double sided, to not printing at all, paper reduction efforts by Green Teams are a great way to reduce the costs of printing, and the amount of paper being used.

Patio Display Gardens - Working with grounds to replace the plants in the planter boxes with either native plants or food producing plants.

Plastic Film Recycling - Plastic films such as plastic bags and packaging are recyclable, but cannot be placed in the normal recycling bin. Green Teams have initiated programs to collect plastic films and correctly recycle them.

Printer Consolidation - Surveying the printers in the office to eliminate and surplus desktop printers and encourage network printers to save energy and reduce paper use.