Many elements of food production affect overall sustainability. The charts below show the percentage of the Housing & Food Services (HFS) food budget spent on food that is grown or processed locally (within 250 miles of campus), and food that is USDA certified organic. New in the 2013-2014 year and in fall of 2014 was the organic certification of Wilcox Family Farms, which provides eggs to HFS (Wilcox is also Humane and Salmon Safe certified); an increase in organic produce originated from the produce sold in the District Market; the addition of UW Farm produce that is grown on campus by students and is now utilized in residence halls food services, District Market and Cultivate; and the continuation and expansion of the use of Shepherd's Grain Flour, adding Alki Bakery to HFS vendors - Shepherd's Grain is a co-op of family-owned wheat farms in Eastern Washington that uses sustainable no-till farming.

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