In Progress: UW EcoReps Farmers Market

In October, 2016 EcoReps will host a farmers market in Red Square which will be open to the public. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness for buying local and supporting a community. 

We are working with the UW Farm, and the event will last one day taking place in the afternoon. With the support of the EcoReps students, and local vendors, we are optomistic of the farmers market this year!

Student Sustainability Practices Survey

In Progress: Student Sustainability Practices Survey

At the University of Washington, it is critical that our students are knowledgable of proper recycling and composting practices. By constructing and executing a survey designed to target common knowledge areas of sustainable behavior, we are hoping to find a correlation between student knowledge and demographic information. 

With over 100 students surveyed in Spring quarter 2016, we are continuing to stockpile our data and draw conclusions based on our findings. Hopefully our data will help us implement new methods to combat lack of student knowledge about recycling and composting practices.

15% Project

In Progress: 15% Program

An ongoing project from the 2016 school year involves reducing the heat loss from the UW IMA building by implementing proper preventative measures that influence student behavior. Heat loss is specifically due to the incorrect use of the air-lock doors, which account for roughly 15% of the energy that is used to heat the IMA. EcoReps has assisted in interviewing students using the incorrect doors, and brainstorming ideas to prevent the use of those doors in the future. 

Earth Day 2016

Earth Day 2016 was a great success! We had a ton of people show compassion to the environment by taking the "Green Pledge", and met lots of new faces that will be helping with future projects. Thanks for stopping by and learning more about the awesome student-led projects we are working on like the UW Farmer's Market and the 15% Program!

Green Greek Competition 2016

After a few wild days of recycle basketball, trash Minute-To-Win-It, sustainability trivia, and green pledging last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, this 2016 Green Greek Competition has been a success. More than 180 students signed a Green Pledge and 29 Greek Chapters participated.

One chapter was outstanding in their commitment to the Green Greek Competition: PI KAPPA PHI (commonly known as Pi Kapps), led by Green Greek Representative Gavin Forster, won the competition and will receive $250 - and “green” bragging rights, of course. This chapter had 48 members take a Green pledge - some pledging to take shorter showers, others vowing to show their love for the earth, and some even pledging to join an environmental group on campus - and achieved 100 house game points.

In second place, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, motivated by Green Greek Representative Danny Maier, tied in house game points (100) and had 27 members sign the green pledge! Way to go SAE! Honorable mentions go to Theta Chi (59 points) led by Green Greek Representative Ben Weymiller, Zeta Tau Alpha led by Green Greek Representative Janine Denney-Mazzilli (31 points), and Kappa Kappa Gamma (14 members took Green Pledge) led by Green Greek Representative Mac Robinson!

Special Shoutout to Alpha Omicron Pi’s Green Greek Representative Lia Carstens who designed the BEAUTIFUL signage for the event, Alpha Phi Representative Madi Keeley for having Rockstar sponsor the event, Delta Zeta Representative Erica Li for having Suja sponsor the event, and Alpha Gamma Delta’s Representative Emmy Anzalone for helping out at the event!

-Tali Haller


Cleanup of the Median on 22nd

In April EcoReps helped facilitate a clean-up of the median on 22nd Avenue. It was overgrown with Himalayan blackberry and other invasive species and was also covered in trash from years of abuse. We hope that people will put this newly reclaimed space to good use!