EcoReps works very heavily with the UW Greek Community to help improve the sustainable practices of our chapters on campus by incorporating interactive programs such as the Green Greek Certification, the Green Greek Competition, and the Green Greek Representative Program.

The Green Greek Certification is meant to help fraternities and sororities identify areas for improvement and highlight areas where they excel in sustainable operations. The survey is comprehensive and covers a wide array of criteria including waste management, water consumption, and energy reduction.

Follow this link to go to the survey to evaluate your chapter (UW NetID required)

In the spring EcoReps hosts the Green Greek Competition, which is aimed at educating the members of fraternities and sororities on how to be more sustainable in their personal lives so that they can make greener choices.

The Green Greek Representative Program is a way to get Greek chapters more directly involved in becoming more sustainable. A member from each fraternity and sorority will attend monthly meetings that will teach them about sustainable chapter operations, which they will, in turn, relay to their chapter. The representative is responsible for installing sustainable infrastructure and educating members of his/her chapter about green lifestyle choices.