Green Lab certification paused

In light of COVID-19, UW Sustainability is putting a momentary pause on certifying offices and labs. We hope to bring back our certification process in the Fall. We think you for your commitment to sustainability, especially in times such as these.

How to apply:

  1. Select a representative from the lab to be the point of contact for anything related to the Green Labs program. This can be anyone from the lab such as a grad student, lab manager. or even the Principal Investigator.

  2. Go to the online application.

  3. Contact if you need help.

  4. Check your email for your certification results and feedback (takes 1-2 weeks to process).

  5. Celebrate your achievement and/or make improvements.

  6. If your lab did not qualify for certification, or if you would like to achieve a higher level of certification, you may make changes and resubmit your application at any time.

Apply now!

If you are interested in viewing the application questions, see the printable criteria.

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