The Green Laboratory Supplier Fair is an opportunity for Health Sciences and UW Medicine staff and researchers to learn more about sustainable laboratory and medical products and supplies from UW vendors at this special Green Supplier Fair.

Monday October 21st, 2013
Health Sciences Lobby
11:00 AM – 1:00 PM


Clontech Laboratories, Inc +Website
Clontech is committed to the health and safety of people and the environment. We are dedicated to providing powerful technologies with a minimal environmental footprint, because our products are used by scientists every day, worldwide.

Eppendorf +Website
Our goal with epGreen is to continually reduce the environmental impact of our business operations and the products we produce, as well as to support the sustainable green initiatives of our customers. Environmental considerations have become more and more integral to our business as we look for new ways to support our commitment to the environment—from product design and manufacturing, packaging, and marketing, to customer product use and eventually trade-in/disposal.For this show we will specifically focus on High efficiency freezers, centrifuges, 5 ml tubes.


Rainin +Website
Sustainability defines our approach to decision making, to how we manage our environmental impacts, and to how we manage our relationships with our customers, our employees, our suppliers, our shareholders, and the communities where we do business.Most importantly, we believe a sustainable business is one that is positioned for long-term growth. "Sustainability" touches all aspects of our business.RAININ offers a variety of products designed with Sustainability in mind. Tips are manufactured with less plastic, recyclable plastic, smaller footprints, etc. Service kits are re-used with a special program for planting trees through

Fisher Scientific +Website
Fisher Scientific is a global supplier of laboratory supplies, equipment, chemicals, and reagents that is working to continously improve its sustainability posiition in the products it manfactures and distributes as well as in its business processess.

VWR International +Website
VWR offers products from suppliers who support the Green Initiative.

Sigma Aldrich +Website

eBioscience +Website

Corning +Website

Cell Signaling Technology +Website

Genesee Scientific +Website