One of many bike repair stations; This one is outside Mary Gates Hall
William H. Gates Hall
Kane Hall
Atmospheric Sciences - Geophysics Building
UW Medical Center
December 2011

Commuter Services has installed self-service bicycle repair stations at five locations across campus. Each station is equipped with an air pump and tools to keep your bike rolling. Funding for the repair stations was provided by the UW Campus Sustainability Fund.

Each bicycle repair station comes equipped with the following tools:

Tire Pump
Repair Stand
Tire Levers
Allen Wrenches
Torx Wrench Box Wrench

The new bicycle repair stations are ideal for performing simple and quick fixes and adjustments on your bicycle. For more complex repairs or overhauls, head over to the ASUW Bike Shop, conveniently located in Condon Hall.

Fun Facts: 
The League of American Bicyclists has elected the University of Washington as a Bicycle Friendly University.
Project Contact Name: 
Campus Sustainability Fund