UW program aims to diversify the conservation workforce

August 17, 2014

Growing up in Chicago, Jesse Okwu’s closest connection to nature was watching environmental documentaries on public television. So when he came to Washington for an eight-week summer program on conservation issues, and visited the state’s national parks and desert landscapes, it was his first real encounter with the wilderness.

By the end of the program, the sophomore at Knox College in Illinois was loving the outdoor field trips. Now, he’s thinking about how conservation work could become part of his career path in economics.

The 6th Annual Urban Forest Symposium – Climate Change and the Urban Forest

May 2, 2014

Urban Forests in our region are expected to suffer negative impacts due to climate change. At the same time, they play an integral role in mitigating the effects of climate change by reducing temperatures, sequestering carbon, and capturing stormwater runoff from increases in precipitation.   The 6th Annual Urban Forest Symposium, hosted by Plant Amnesty and the University of Washington,  takes an in-depth look at climate change and considers the impact to the urban forests in our region.

Sediment flow at Elwha Rivers mouth an outdoor classroom for University of Washington students

April 27, 2014

 The Elwha River mouth and the salt water around it served as a classroom earlier this month as University of Washington students studied how millions of cubic yards of sediment are interacting with the surrounding environment.

Andrea Ogston, a University of Washington associate professor of oceanography specializing in marine geology, and Ian Miller, coastal hazards specialist with Washington Sea Grant, co-led the nine-student excursion.