UW students turning 2013 Malibu into fuel-saving dual-motor hybrid

At first glance, the new Chevy Malibu jacked up on the ground-floor lab of the University of Washington's mechanical-engineering annex doesn't look like anything special — except that it's missing its engine.

When they're done with it, though, several dozen of the school's engineering students will have transformed it into one of two electric-biodiesel hybrid Chevy Malibus in the world that run on two separate motors — one for the front wheels, one for the back.

APHA passes UW student clean water resolution

The American Public Health Association (APHA) approved a resolution written by six UW public-health graduate students calling for a thorough approach to protecting coastal water quality last month.

The resolution, which recommends modernizing and enforcing the Clean Water Act originally passed by Congress in 1972, was the culminating assignment for the students as part of their master of public-health training program.

Puget Sound encyclopedia launches online

October 27, 2012

An encyclopedia specific to the Puget Sound region is now available online to the general public. This encyclopedia is the first if its kind in the area.

The new encyclopedia is compiled by a network of researchers and students. The Puget Sound Institute (PSI) — an agreement among the UW, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the Puget Sound Partnership — spearheaded the project. Regional scientists reviewed the encyclopedia to ensure accuracy.

“This is a new way of doing science,” said Lisa Graumlich, dean of the College of the Environment.