Creative Solutions

December 7, 2011

For UW Creative Communications (C2), which handles mail, print, and copy services on campus, budget cuts have proven to be a blessing in disguise.

Creative Communications has recently introduced a fresh working method known as the “lean process” to find ways to make its units more efficient and reduce waste. The Lean process is based on the goal of producing with less of everything including inventory, labor, and equipment. Brought on by the economic recession and budget cuts to the UW, this process has forced C2 to be more critical and innovative than it has been in past years.

Saving Trees with Technology

May 20, 2011

In alignment with UW’s 2Y2D strategic direction, Student Fiscal Services is making a major commitment to sustainable business practices by eliminating paper reports produced by the Student Database (SDB).

Working in conjunction with UWIT and our process partners, we have already converted many reports to PDF format and have stored them on a network drive.  This has drastically reduced the number of daily SDB reports being printed – saving a substantial number of trees in the process.

UW named base for EPA-funded Clean Air Research Center

March 9, 2011

The UW will become a base for one of the nation's four new Clean Air Research Centers funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The agency announced the funding of the centers March 7.  Each center will receive approximately $8 million over five years.

The centers will study the health impact of the complex, varying  mixtures of particles, vapors and gas that pollute the air.

Carbon Leadership Forum will devise standards to limit carbon footprints in building products

February 14, 2011

University of Washington researchers have teamed with design and construction professionals to devise standards that will help limit carbon footprints of building products and systems.

Organized as the Carbon Leadership Forum, the group is hosted by the UW UW College of Built Environments.

UW Collects Awards For Eco-Friendliness

October 5, 2010

I’m going to take the opportunity to brag about our school for a moment. The UW is an incredible place to study. Not only has the London education publication Times Higher Education recently listed it as the 23rd-best university in the world, but the UW has lead the front line of increasing environmental consciousness on campuses across the United States.