The Blame Game (Global Warming Edition)

June 28, 2006

We can't help but feel a little sorry for George Bush. Being president is hard work. Even regular five-week vacations can't alleviate all the stress.

To make things worse, summer no longer means carefree shooting parties with Vice President Dick Cheney. With rising temperatures in the West, torrential rains pounding the Northeast and Al Gore lecturing on climate change all over the world, the Bush administration has to find another scapegoat for something it can't explain: global warming.

Lawsuit Aims For Better Emission Control

June 1, 2006

A deadlock over the issue of global warming has drawn the city of Seattle, 14 leading climate scientists and several groups of Native Alaskans to file a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Two of the plaintiffs, John M. Wallace and David Battisti, are UW atmospheric scientists.

The lawsuit aims to make the U.S. Supreme Court obligate the EPA to regulate automobile emissions and recognize how they contribute to global warming.

Seattle, UW Seek To Lower Emissions

April 20, 2006

The UW is helping Seattle reach its goal of reducing emissions by 7 percent through increasing its focus on renewable energy.

The University became Seattle City Light's largest purchaser of renewable energy in February and built its first certified "green" building in January 2005.

Although the UW burns natural gas to heat its buildings, all of the its other day-to-day electricity comes from renewable sources like hydropower, wind power and solar power.

Moderate Senate Proposals Address Global Warming

June 20, 2005

WASHINGTON -- For the first time since President Bush rejected the international Kyoto Protocol to reduce greenhouse gases, momentum is building in the Senate to begin addressing global warming.

However, skirmishing over competing proposals and continuing opposition from the House of Representatives and the Bush administration may prevent any plan from passing Congress this year.

One Nation, Under Smog

February 20, 2003

If the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is supposed to protect the environment, why is EPA administrator Christine Whitman poised to increase air pollution at more than 17,000 stinky, old, dirty industrial facilities around the country?

Is Whitman at odds with the Clean Air Act, enacted by Congress in 1970 to protect us from respiratory illnesses caused by soot, smog and toxic air pollution? The Clean Air Act aims to develop increasingly cleaner industrial processes that make air safer to breathe.

Running On Grease

October 29, 2002

If you happen to be jogging through the wetlands on any given afternoon, you might see some strange-looking activities occurring in the far northeast corner of campus. In a small, open-sided structure, a dedicated group of students are attempting to revolutionize the way we fill up our gas tanks.

It might sound funny, but it is possible to power a diesel engine with no petroleum products whatsoever. This is the direction that the Urban Sustainability Group (Ursus) would like to see society moving in.

The Dual Crisis Of Energy

May 22, 2002

We are completely dependent on energy -- to fuel our cars, to heat our homes, to power the industries that produce our goods. We can't live without it. At the same time, we are providing for our energy needs primarily by burning fossil fuels -- and herein lies the problem.

Eco-Friendly Woody In Hub Tonight

April 12, 2001

Actor Woody Harrelson will pedal his celebrity from Seattle to Santa Barbara, Calif., on a bicycle journey to promote and increase public awareness of eco-friendly living.

Harrelson will be launching his trip by giving an on-campus lecture tomorrow in the HUB Ballroom. Doors open at 6 p.m., and the show starts at 7.

The "Mothership," a tour bus running on vegetable oil and hemp, will follow Harrelson and his crew on their bicycle trek down the West Coast. It will be parked outside the HUB tomorrow.