UW Sustainability launches information portal

July 23, 2019

UW Sustainability has launched a new information portal, showcasing data, resources and other information around sustainability topics at the University of Washington.

This site builds off the previous sustainability dashboard, which had graphs showing UW's performance and targets in a variety of sustainability areas. The new portal highlights the data in interactive visualizations by using Tableau Software, as well as adding more information on each subject.

UW group highlights importance of nature in decision-making

June 25, 2015

A group with ties to the University of Washington is helping decision makers recognize the importance and benefits of the natural world.

The Natural Capital Project, a partnership that includes UW, published a paper recently in the National Academy of Sciences which shows the benefits of including the values of nature into decisions. Examples include showing how protecting areas in the Amazon improves public health, and how some coastal habitats in Belize can help mitigate the effects of storms and sea-level rise.

Explore UW's history of sustainability

April 9, 2015

The UW Sustainability office is launching a timeline of University of Washington's achievements and milestones in sustainability and environmental stewardship. The project, "A Century of Sustainability," includes entries dating back to the earliest days of the current UW site in 1895 and includes highlights up to the present day. You can view the timeline at: http://green.uw.edu/timeline