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UW Sustainability


Down on the (campus!) farm

June 11, 2011

On-campus at the University of Washington, on a meandering quarter-acre around the Botany Greenhouse, UW students have labored for over seven years to build out a working farm, complete with “beds in buckets,” cold-frames, irrigation system, two bee hives, and four plump chickens with their own custom chicken-tractor. And last but not least, a functioning clay-and-straw pizza oven! (More on that later.)

Groundbreaking Ceremony Introduces New UW Farm Site

May 23, 2011

A small group of UW students stood in an open field Sunday morning, munching on granola and fresh fruit as they anticipated the groundbreaking of the new UW Farm.

As of yesterday, that wait is officially over. The UW Farm, a registered student organization that grows produce, has expanded to include a new location near the Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) on the east side of campus.

Funding the Farm

January 25, 2011

The grass is looking pretty green for the UW Farm.

In a unanimous vote last night, the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) committee approved a $78,306 proposal that would go toward the expansion of the UW Farm.

Foraging 101

October 18, 2010

UW alumnus Brady Ryan pointed to an unkempt stretch of land off the Burke-Gilman Trail. “From this hillside, I can make a big bowl of salad with 25 to 30 different species of plants in it,” he said.

By the looks of Ryan’s perpetually dirty fingers and field-tanned skin, it’s pretty easy to tell he’s a man of the earth. Ryan began foraging more than a year ago after getting involved with the UW Farm and later taking several food-related courses in the anthropology, biology and history departments. Though Ryan studied mathematics, he is now a farmer and forager by trade.

UW Collects Awards For Eco-Friendliness

October 5, 2010

I’m going to take the opportunity to brag about our school for a moment. The UW is an incredible place to study. Not only has the London education publication Times Higher Education recently listed it as the 23rd-best university in the world, but the UW has lead the front line of increasing environmental consciousness on campuses across the United States.

Food Lecture Series: Eating Your Environment

October 1, 2010

Food: Eating Your Environment is the UW's premier lecture series of the year. Speakers will touch on all things food related—from field to kitchen, and spanning the globe from Seattle to Sub-Saharan Africa. Join public intellectuals and practitioners with a wide variety of expertise as we collectively explore the most personal yet public resource relevant in our world: food.

Recipe For Co-Operation

June 3, 2010

Creating a new ASUW enterprise is no easy feat, as Matthew Steele, co-chair of the UW Student Food Cooperative has found. He has been working on the project, which would bring low-cost, nutritious food to campus, since fall quarter.

UW Tower goes green with edible Patio Demonstration Garden

March 4, 2010

While students farm one-third of an acre on campus, inhabitants of the UW Tower are thinking even smaller. Their plots of land are measured in feet rather than acres, but they produce some crops that are just as appetizing. Say hello to the UW Tower Patio Demonstration Garden. In fact, you may already have seen it. It's located on the brick plaza just south of the tower, in a series of concrete planters.

Support Urban Agriculture

February 22, 2010

In the United States, we take our food for granted. You only need to walk a short distance to a local grocery store or restaurant to find a wide selection of delicious cuisine. It can sometimes be hard to appreciate the work required to provide the surplus of food that supports our society when that food is so plentiful. However, this attitude is changing with growing movement toward urban farming. City dwellers across the country are developing unproductive city acres into farmland that students would be wise to support.