Top 5 Greenest Schools

September 3, 2009

University of Washington recognized for leadership in sustainability according to, a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future.

Canning The Trash

August 12, 2009

Amy and Adam Korst are pretty normal people.

Amy, a 2007 graduate of the UW, is an English teacher at Willamina High School in Willamina, Ore. She lives with two cats, a dog and her husband Adam, a 2007 graduate of the Art Institute of Seattle, in nearby Dallas, Ore., about an hour south of Portland. Adam is the photo editor at the local newspaper, the Polk County Itemizer Observer.

New City Recycling Program Not Instituted At UW

April 15, 2009

Late last month, the city of Seattle adopted a new recycling program to provide more recycling options for the city’s residents.

The change means Seattle residents can now recycle more paper, plastic and metal items, which includes cups, deli trays, plastic plant pots and aluminum foil. Residents can also recycle glass bottles and jars together.

UW Housing and Food Services (HFS), however, has yet to implement these changes, which could cause confusion when it comes to campus recycling.

There and Back Again

February 1, 2009

From paper collection to waste audits, the “R” word is a big one at North American schools of higher learning. Read more about what the University of Washington is doing with their recycling and sustainability practices.

Saving carpet from the landfill, five tons at a time

January 29, 2009

Not long ago, a Facilities Services shop that handles flooring diverted its first dumpster-full of old carpet from a dead end in the landfill to a new life as recycled carpet. After nearly a year of hard work on the part of Maintenance Mechanic Lead Jackie Harris, staff in the shop who install flooring, and Eric Johnson from Transportation Services, the carpet will be recycled into new carpet and other building materials through a company in Tacoma called Recovery 1.

WA State Recycling Association awards HFS Recycler of the Year (ROY)

April 24, 2008

University of Washington Housing and Food Services was recognized as Recycler of the Year for overcoming significant barriers to expand residence hall recycling. Assisted by a residence hall student organization, SEED (Students Expressing Environmental Determination), HFS created a program for composting post-consumer food in dining halls and other food outlets.

Compostable Coca-Cola cup launched at UW

January 7, 2009

The UW is the pilot site for the first compostable paper cup designed specifically for soft drinks.
The cup, developed for Coca-Cola fountain drinks, was created by International Paper in cooperation with the UW and Cedar Grove Composting. With the addition of the compostable cup, there is a potential that 150,000 fewer cups will go to landfills annually, and the University's impact on the environment will be lessened.