Real Dawgs Dig It

March 6, 2012

Come. Stay. Sort.

Real Dawgs everywhere are invited to join us at the 2012 UW Trash-In! It’s a fun and insightful mini trash sort aimed at exploring how much recyclable and compostable material is still being thrown away on campus.

On April 11, 2012, from 10am to 2pm in Red Square, volunteers will suit up and sort through one day’s worth of trash from designated campus buildings. Materials will be separated into categories that mirror the types currently collected on campus:

Sustainable Growth

January 9, 2012

This spring, the Quad’s vibrant cherry blossom trees will be given a run for their money. By then, a green wall — a diverse wall of vegetation — will cover the side of Gould Hall. The green wall is a part of a Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen + Water Harvesting Demonstration project. The green screen will be for plants that are planted in the ground and climb like vines, which will allow students to explore the concept of vertical surfaces as a way to grow local plants when space in an urban environment is limited. The water-harvesting demonstration portion will capture water from the roof of Gould Hall and store it in a cistern to be used for irrigation.

From Fries To Freighters

September 29, 2011

A few UW trucks may soon be leaving an aromatic trail of french fries and fried chicken in their wake if a few sustainably minded students get their way.

The Biodiesel Cooperative, led by a group of engineering students, is looking to convert a few thousand gallons of wasted cooking oil into biodiesel that could be used on campus in place of traditional fuel.

UW works to keep Styrofoam out of landfills

August 31, 2011

The UW has banned it, but the stuff worms its way onto campus packed in boxes. It’s ubiquitous Styrofoam (the common name for foamed polystyrene), which has permeated the world as a low-cost, lightweight material with a wide array of uses. But the material is toxic and it never goes away.

That's why UW Recycling started a Styrofoam recycling program a year ago that is now being expanded.