Saving Trees with Technology

May 20, 2011

In alignment with UW’s 2Y2D strategic direction, Student Fiscal Services is making a major commitment to sustainable business practices by eliminating paper reports produced by the Student Database (SDB).

Working in conjunction with UWIT and our process partners, we have already converted many reports to PDF format and have stored them on a network drive.  This has drastically reduced the number of daily SDB reports being printed – saving a substantial number of trees in the process.

Sustainability Through Modernization

February 22, 2011

With help from its supplier, the University of Washington reduced operating costs while increasing its sustainability.

As colleges and universities around the United States reduce operating budgets, their facility managers are searching for ways to do more with less.

Increasingly, higher education custodial directors are turning to core suppliers to help them control spending on cleaning and maintenance supplies.

Striving For Zero Waste

January 31, 2011

Thirty thousand people shuffle in and out of the UW’s Housing and Food Services’ (HFS) many dining facilities each day, likely unaware of where their food waste ends up after it’s dropped into the compost bin.

Once an old apple core or pizza slice leaves someone’s hands, it’s picked up by a truck from Cedar Grove, self-proclaimed as “Pacific Northwest’s leading organic recycling company,” which for the last several years has been tasked with finding a place for all of the UW’s food waste.

UW Ranks Among NCAA Best In Stadium Waste Diversion

December 9, 2010

SEATTLE - After implementing new initiatives for the 2010 football season, the University of Washington has finished seventh out of 75 entrants into the Game Day Challenge conducted by the United States Environmental Protection Agency to measure waste diversion at NCAA football games. Among the 52 NCAA I-FBS entrants, UW ranked 3rd in waste diversion and 2nd for per capita organics reduction. Of the five PAC-10 schools competing, the UW ranked 1st in waste diversion.

Throwing In The Paper Towel Again

November 19, 2010

After Students Expressing Environmental Dedication (SEED) distributed hand towels to residents on Lander Hall’s eighth floor in a pilot program to reduce waste last year, the organization is gearing up for another test run.

Despite lackluster survey response totals tyring to gauge participation, SEED is planning to pass out hand towels to residents of the north tower of Haggett during winter quarter to reach additional students and gather more student response data.

Memo to All Staff: Dump Your Trash

November 1, 2010

To save money, offices around the U.S. are adding a new chore to their employees' routine: taking out the trash.

Some University of Washington workers began emptying their own baskets in a similar program a decade ago as part of an environmental initiative. But with budgets cut 25% over the past two years, Gene Woodard, the school's director of building services, is expanding the program campus-wide.


Sticking it out

October 22, 2010

About a dozen students from the UW’s Earth Club came together yesterday afternoon to wage a war against the more than 2,600 paper-towel dispensers on campus by placing a sticker on every single one.

Earth Club president, Vincent Gonzalez, has been working with faculty and building services to reduce on-campus paper-towel usage and decrease the nearly $180,000 that the campus spent on paper towels in the last academic year.