Environmentalists Should Be Friends

May 29, 2008

Reporting by The New York Times about a recent battle between two neighbors in Sunnyvale, Calif., shows that some environmentalists aren’t friends. However, this doesn’t have to be the case.

One couple planted eight redwood trees that cast shadows on their neighbor’s rooftop solar panels. The owner of the panels brought the couple to court, prosecuting under the Solar Shade Act.

Judge Kurt Kumli of the Santa Clara County Superior Court ruled that no more than 10 percent of the panels could be cast in shade and ordered that the trees be pruned.

Biotour Encourages New Thinking On Fuel

May 12, 2008

A bus running on vegetable oil was parked near By George Café last week as part of the national BioTour, and a bluegrass band performed on top of the bus by plugging their amps into its solar panels.

The UW chapter of the Washington Student Public Interest Research Group (WashPIRG) booked the bus for a tour stop and invited the student band Old Technology to play a concert on top of it. Though WashPIRG members were a majority of the audience, the curiosity turned more than a few heads and attracted Tukwila School District students who were touring the campus.

Biofuels Are Not The Way To Go

April 24, 2008

In the rush for energy independence, U.S. policy isn’t helping. Don’t get me wrong: I strongly believe that we need to stop using Arab oil for diplomatic reasons as well as environmental ones. But government policies put in place to combat the use of oil are hurting the United States and rest of the world more than they help.

Fueling Green

April 22, 2008

Espresso Express looks like any other independent coffee place in Seattle. Behind a counter, an espresso machine steams milk for a nonfat, extra hot cappuccino and a stained microwave heats up an unusually large croissant. A glass display case holds a variety of baked goods begging to be eaten. At tables, people make use of the free Wi-Fi, checking their e-mail and surfing the Internet.

Customers stream in and out; some are regulars, some are just stopping for a quick pick-me-up, and others are paying to fill up their cars with biodiesel at the pump outside the café.

Graduate Students And American Indian Tribes Work For Biofuel Solutions

March 14, 2008

Eight UW graduate students are working with local American Indian tribes on a research and education program about biofuels in the Bioresource-Based Energy for Sustainable Societies program.

Led by professors from the UW’s College of Engineering, College of Forest Resources and department of American Indian studies, the program approaches biofuels in a comprehensive curriculum.

UW Pushes Forward With Biodiesel

February 6, 2008

“The use of biofuels, particularly biodiesel, is in the news, and many people have been asking, ‘What is the Motor Pool doing?” according to the Motor Pool newsletter.

The University currently uses B5 in their diesel-powered vehicles. “B5” is a classification of biodiesel that consists of 5 percent biodiesel and 95 percent petroleum diesel. The UW Motor Pool has been using B5 since the fall of 2006, when a biodiesel pump was installed at the motor vehicle depot.

Udall Bus Tour Promotes Green Living

July 25, 2007

Filled with 13 young alumni and a fresh tank of bio-diesel, the Udall organization's "Green Coach" arrived on the UW campus this past weekend for a series of environmental events.

The group has toured the nation, stopping in 24 cities to highlight themes such as Native American communities, national parks and alternative energy.

Kayanna Warren, Udall member and UW alumna, helped plan the trip, which arrived in Seattle July 20 to learn about the campus's food sustainability program. This pertains to locally grown and organic foods.

Dawgs go green: UW becomes charter member of group to address global warming

March 29, 2007

The UW has become a member of the Leadership Circle of the American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment, by which the University agrees to adopt policies that minimize global warming emissions and integrate sustainability more firmly into the curriculum, and also to provide leadership in encouraging other universities and colleges to join in the effort to address global climate change.

The commitment involves all three UW campuses. Chancellors at both UW Bothell and UW Tacoma have signed the commitment, along with UW President Mark A. Emmert.

Who knew? Ride in the Rain bikers are poets, too

March 8, 2007

Maybe it's the long hours alone on the bike that provide the inspiration, or maybe it's all that dreary rain. Whatever the cause, participants in the UW's Ride in the Rain program have shown that they are poets, too.

And, no less, poets with a flair for the brevity and punch of haiku, the Japanese verse generally based on the pattern of five syllables for the first line, then seven for the second, and five again for the third.

Like this: Morning downpour ride / Fix first flat of the new year / Smooth roads now -- onward.