Tropical lizards can't take the heat of climate warming

March 3, 2009

New research that builds on data collected more than three decades ago demonstrates that lizards living in tropical forests in Central and South America and the Caribbean could be in serious peril from rising temperatures associated with climate change.In fact, those forest lizards appear to tolerate a much narrower range of survivable temperatures than do their relatives at higher latitudes and are actually less tolerant of high temperatures, said Raymond Huey, a University of Washington biology professor.

There and Back Again

February 1, 2009

From paper collection to waste audits, the “R” word is a big one at North American schools of higher learning. Read more about what the University of Washington is doing with their recycling and sustainability practices.

Fleet Services goes green

March 5, 2009

Fleet Services (formerly Motor Pool) has added some new features to its UCAR program, making car-sharing more convenient -- and green -- than ever for the UW community. Four UCARs are now available in the N22 parking lot, directly across from Hall Health. The site features a solar-assisted key manager, the electronic box where UCAR users retrieve vehicle keys after making reservations online. A solar panel on top of the key manager collects energy to supplement its battery, helping to extend the battery life, according to Fleet Services Program Coordinator Larissa Austin.

Class Act

February 6, 2009

Across the country yesterday, college campuses opened up a dialogue on climate change as part of a National Teach-In. And for many schools, this meant opening up lecture halls as well. At Seattle University, a 400-level engineering class (normally reserved for dedicated students in that major) spent the hour discussing effective energy solutions; lit majors, history professors, and everyone in between were invited to join.

Bus left you waiting in the cold? Use your cell phone to track it down

February 10, 2009

It's a question heard at countless bus stops: "Have you seen the number 48 go by?" Cold, impatient bus riders stamp their feet, check their watches and wonder if that bus is ever going to come. But in Seattle, a cell phone and the ingenuity of two UW students have come to the rescue. Brian Ferris, a UW doctoral student in computer science and engineering, spent too many many rainy nights waiting for the bus before deciding to take action. "I'm an avid bus rider," said Ferris.

UW Climate Groups Network at ‘Save the Earth Social’

February 5, 2009

Environmental enthusiasts from across the UW campus gathered in the HUB for the “Save the Earth Social,” hosted by the UW Green’s Coalition. The social was an effort to bring many of the environmentally active groups on campus together for an opportunity to network with one another. In addition to environmental groups such as SEED and UW Earth Club, members from Young Democrats, WashPIRG and ASUW were in attendance as well.

UW seeks to deepen its commitment to sustainability

February 5, 2009

In the next two months, an energetic team of faculty, staff and students from all three [UW] campuses, coming together as the Climate Action Team, will be developing the first draft of a blueprint for deepening the UW's commitment to sustainability. Around the end of March, the team will release a draft Climate Action Plan, intended to sketch out the major issues and hard decisions that the UW must make if it is to become a carbon-neutral university and one that is increasingly emphasizing sustainability in its teaching and research.