Searchable by cell phone or GPS unit, interactive map for arboretum being created

Since it opened in 1934, the Washington Park Arboretum has been home to thousands of plant collections and species, each with a meticulously kept record and history. A computerized database for record keeping was established in the early 1990s but more than 55 years of the earlier records have remained preserved solely on paper, scribbled on grid maps or recorded in countless handwritten notes.

Huskies helping neighbors

Student program works to improve life for north of 45th residents

Through thick fog and temperatures in the mid-30s, Elaine Tran’s voice welcomed a crowd of student volunteers to the North of 45th Neighborhood Clean-Up on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

One volunteer sported a T-shirt with a quote from Dr. King.

“Life’s most urgent question is,” it read, “what are you doing for others?”

For Tran and the other students in the Husky Neighborhood Interns (HNI) program, the answer to this urgent question is simple: assisting others living in the UW community.