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UW Today
January 6, 2014

The Northwest has long been a hub for Alaska-bound fishing vessels and scientific study of the Arctic.

The University of Washington’s new “Future of Ice” initiative seeks to build on that research in a region now undergoing rapid changes. The initiative includes several new hires, a new minor in Arctic studies and a winter lecture series.

“This is partly recognizing how much is going on in polar research at the UW,” said initiative director Eric Steig, a UW professor of Earth and space sciences who studies ice cores. “This initiative is designed to bring more visibility, integration and investment in an area that is experiencing dramatic changes.”

The UW College of the Environment will hire three tenure-track faculty positions in polar research, while the UW Applied Physics Laboratory will hire two or three research scientists. The two units, along with the Quaternary Research Center, will hire up to three joint postdoctoral researchers for interdisciplinary work relating to polar science.

“This initiative is about building the pipeline, attracting new talent and promoting collaboration so the UW can continue to be a strong player in high-latitude research,” said Axel Schweiger, chair of the Applied Physics Laboratory’s Polar Science Center.

A winter quarter public lecture series, organized with support from the UW Graduate School and the Alumni Association, will feature UW faculty and off-campus experts.