News Source: 
The Daily
May 6, 2014

To cope with the proposed changes in the transit services from King County Metro, the UW Transportation Services (UWTS) encourages UW students, staff, and faculty to take advantage of UW carpooling and rideshare programs in Seattle to get to campus.

“Huskies are smart,” said Josh Kavanagh, director of UW Transportation Services (UWTS). “I have every reason to think that they can navigate this change and for many people, they can still take transit. It may be a less convenient connection or a more crowded connection and frankly, I don’t think that approach is good enough.”

After Proposition 1 failed to pass in the April special election, the Metro looks to enact their proposed service cuts in September. As a result, 72 King County Metro bus routes are on the verge of elimination, while 84 other routes are expected to have their services reduced. The proposed reductions in service are expected to adversely impact UW students, staff, and faculty’s daily commutes to campus via transit.