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UW Today
December 13, 2012

“Plastics Unwrapped,” Dec. 20-May 27, 2013. Humans existed without plastics for centuries, but now we rely on them to meet our basic needs. They help us stay healthy, yet they linger, in landfills for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture takes a look at our relationship with plastics, past and present. “In order to counter the impact of plastic waste, we need to rethink our relationship with plastics,” advance notes for the exhibit say. “Discover how, at ‘Plastics Unwrapped.’”

  •     The museum will hold holiday events in relation to this exhibit on Dec. 20-21 and 27-30.
  •     There also will be an event titled “Short Takes on Plastics” on Feb. 5, 2013. Ten experts on plastics will have six minutes and 20 slides each to discuss a range of topics including the unwanted effects of plastics on our health, cultures and environment. Learn more online.