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The Daily
June 28, 2006

We can't help but feel a little sorry for George Bush. Being president is hard work. Even regular five-week vacations can't alleviate all the stress.

To make things worse, summer no longer means carefree shooting parties with Vice President Dick Cheney. With rising temperatures in the West, torrential rains pounding the Northeast and Al Gore lecturing on climate change all over the world, the Bush administration has to find another scapegoat for something it can't explain: global warming.

The Future Presidential Advisors of America (a.k.a. The Daily's editorial board) would like to offer the Bush administration a few suggestions for who it can blame global warming on, aside from our pig-like consumption of oil and tendency to drive enormous cars:

-Democrats. Hey, it's worked before. Plus there's the fire that comes from Hillary Clinton's mouth -- that can't be good for the atmosphere.