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Campus Sustainability Fund
CSF Committee Allocates Over $260,000 to 14 Projects
April 9, 2017

The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) has awarded more than $260,000 to 14 projects through the first round of funding this school year. The CSF is a student-funded and student-run grant organization supporting on-campus sustainability projects which lessen the University of Washington's environmental impact.

The CSF has two funding rounds each year, along with a rolling application process for small project grant applications of less than $1,000. The first funding round this year awarded $261,953 to eight large projects, in addition to six small projects which were approved totalling $4,886. The second round of large project funding will be completed during the Spring quarter, and students with small project ideas can apply at any time.

This year the CSF expects to surpass the $2 million mark in total funds awarded to more than 100 projects since the fund was created in 2010.

The projects funded include:

Dual Flush Toilets at Women's Odegaard Restrooms, $14,000
Electric Bicycle Mail-Delivery, $88,319
Floating Wetlands Phase II, $12,050
Friday Harbor Labs Composting Facility, $52,700
Interactive Biogas Food Cart, $21,176
UW Campus Sustainability Challenge, $6,868
UW Sustainability Action Network, $52,000
Wind and Solar Powered Phone and Computer Campus Charging Stations, $14,840

Approved small projects:

2017 TSA Night Market Recycling Program, $999
Apiary for the UW Farm, $337
Greek Community Energy Challenge, $1,000
Increasing Drought Tolerance of Campus Lawns with Endophytes, $1,000
Replacing Chemical Fertilizers with Compost, Compost Tea, and Biosolids, $1,000
Surviving Catastrophe: Public Health and Solidarity in an Era of Climate Change, $550