News Source: 
The Seattle Times
February 13, 2014

Climate change is here, it is happening, and it is the future. Lots can still be done to mitigate the changes, but policy is moving to adapt to impacts

Discussions around climate change are on a pragmatic new course. Enough of the talk-show bilge about “is it real?”

The shift I am hearing is not only about mitigating climate change, but also promoting smart adaptation to the impacts already here — and here to stay.

Scientific energy and insight are pointing the discussion toward what can be done to lessen the economic, political and social impacts ahead.

The effort under way is to communicate information to local governments, businesses, farmers and others with long-term, weather-dependent investments to make.

Working to mitigate climate change is still vital, and very much in progress.

All the challenges of greenhouse gases, ocean rise and acidification are caught up in the sweeping environmental review announced this week for a proposed coal terminal in Cowlitz County. The Millennium Bulk Terminals in Longview could annually ship 44 million tons of Powder River coal to China.