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Campus Sustainability Fund
March 18, 2016

The Campus Sustainability Fund awarded more than $140,000 in grants to seven student-led projects in the initial funding round for the 2015-2016 school year.

The student-funded and student-run CSF was established in 2010 to create a sustainable campus and foster an environmentally conscious University culture by funding student-led projects that lessen the University's environmental impact.

The projects approved in this round of funding are:

UW Farm Composting Toilet, $33,000
The UW Farm will install a composting toilet at the Center for Urban Horticulture site. The toilet will provide consistent facilities for UW Farm volunteers and other groups which utilities the Union Bay Natural Area and Center for Urban Horticulture, as well as providing an educational resource. The selected toilet showcases green architecture, closed-loop nutrient cycling and is powered by solar energy.

2nd Annual UW Resilience Summit, $1,250
Last year the UW student group ReThink used a CSF grant to organize the first UW Resilience Summit. This year they recieved another grant to host the event for a second year, with a paneled event that focuses on a specific topic relating to environmental and economic resilience.

Campus Illumination: An Implementation Strategy for Sustainable Exterior Lighting, $50,965
A student team will research lighting options and create design guidelines for campus exterior lighting which will conserve energy through high-efficiency lighting technology, as well as meeting the needs of campus users.

Kincaid Ravine Restoration Budget Amendment Proposal, $35,000
Previous CSF grants have helped restore much of Kincaid Ravine, but more is needed to ensure the area becomes a healthy urban forest on the UW campus.

Lab Glove Recycling, $2,000
A pilot program with UW Sustainability and UW Recycling will recycle used, non-hazardous nitrile lab gloves that are currently being sent to the landfill. The gloves will be collected and the producer will recycle the material into products like park benches and chairs.

UW Floating Wetlands Project, $11,379
The project will conduct a feasibility study to explore the possibilities of creating floating wetlands along the UW shoreline, and create an actionable plan for installation.

UW-Solar Life Sciences Building, $7,500
UW-Solar will use the grant for a feasibility study to explore the possibility of adding solar panels to the design of the new Life Sciences Building, which will begin construction this summer with an expected completion date of 2018.