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UW Garbology
July 9, 2013

So it took a little longer than expected, but the results of the Denny Project are in and the final report has now been submitted to UW Recycling.  It is also now available online here.

Overall, the project was a success, and our work shows that implementation of MiniMax and restroom paper towel composting in Denny Hall yielded an overall improvement in waste diversion rates of about 10% (from 42.6% diversion before implementation to 52.5% diversion after implementation).  Together these programs allowed roughly 21% of Denny Hall's total waste stream to be composted (up from 0, reducing the amount of landfilled waste Denny Hall produces by almost a ton per academic year (and even more if the full calendar year is considered), and saving about 3.5% per year on waste-related expenses in the process.  When we consider the fact that last year's landfill bill at UW was about $1.1 million, the potential impact of that 3.5% savings is rather large indeed.

Cheers to everyone who helped make this work possible, and most of all a big "thank you" is due to the folks at the UW Campus Sustainability Fund for their financial support of this project!