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The Daily
September 29, 2011

A few UW trucks may soon be leaving an aromatic trail of french fries and fried chicken in their wake if a few sustainably minded students get their way.

The Biodiesel Cooperative, led by a group of engineering students, is looking to convert a few thousand gallons of wasted cooking oil into biodiesel that could be used on campus in place of traditional fuel.

The group is currently competing for a $5,000 grant in the Social Innovation Fast Pitch competition (SIFP), where teams vie for funding with a five-minute project pitch that best represents an aim for innovation, sustainability and leadership in the areas of public health, environment and social change.

Senior Kathryn Cogert, a founding member of the group, said the co-op started out as a class project to look for an eco-friendly resource that could be used on campus.