News Source: 
August 24, 2009

Honor Roll:
University of Washington (UW) has some of the best environmental reporting we came across in our study. Metrics are easy to find and all the information you would want to see is easily accessible. UW has 4 LEED buildings, with over a dozen more on the way, and has mandated that its new construction meet LEED standards. UW diverts about 40% of its waste, putting it towards the top of the list for landfill diversion and the school has a comprehensive composting program to boot. UW has a relatively green energy grid mix and it also offsets 15% of its carbon footprint. Around a quarter of its food is organic, local, or fair trade, and the campus sports over 300 alternative fuel vehicles (also placing it at the very top of its class). UW also has aggressive water conservation policies in place in both its facilities and its landscaping. UW also had some great climate numbers per student and per 1000 sq feet as reported by the ACUPCC.

Held After Class:
We felt some of UW’s water conservation measures could be a little more stringent (such as runoff planning), but there is really not too much to be picky of here.

Green Grade:The University of Washington is our valedictorian when it comes to greenest Universities in the U.S