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The Daily
New stadium to emit 50 percent more greenhouse gases
May 24, 2012

The UW prides itself in its sustainability. A recent all-student email celebrated the campus’s green accomplishments and outlined future plans. Meanwhile, one of the most notable renovations on campus will increase greenhouse gases.

Once erected, the new Husky Stadium will have cost $250 million, making it the most expensive project on campus. It will also release an extra 1,000 metric tons of greenhouse gases per year compared to the previous stadium.

Increasing previous emissions by 50 percent, this is the equivalent to adding 200 drivers to Seattle roads annually. This increase comes directly from the addition of two new facilities to the stadium. The Football Training and Operations Facility and the Bone and Joint Clinic will add an extra 90,000 square feet to the building.

Ruth Johnson, associate vice president for environmental stewardship and sustainability, said anytime a new building is added to campus, greenhouse gases will increase.

“We try and reduce greenhouse gases as much as possible in new construction through energy efficiency — there is no question about that,” Johnson said. “But this huge undertaking is not something that the university is responsible for.”