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The Daily

A King County Superior Court judge ruled last Friday that the UW cannot charge students an energy fee to cover increasing energy costs.

Judge Robert Alsdorf ruled the $3-per-credit fee approved this past summer by the Board of Regents amounted to a tuition increase, which requires the approval of the state Legislature.

"This is such a huge victory for students," said Jasmin Weaver, former ASUW president who filed the lawsuit in August.

Dr. Norm Arkans, associate vice president of University relations, said the UW was "disappointed with the ruling."

Barring an appeal, approximately $1.5 million will have to be refunded to students, amounting to $45 for the average full-time student. The Board of Regents, which meet this Friday, will decide what, if any, further legal action to take, according to Arkans. Weaver's lawyer, Jim Johanson, doesn't believe the ruling will change in the event it is appealed.