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The Daily
May 3, 2002

Shoveler ducks in the gray dusk floated on a pond in the middle of the Union Bay wetlands. Their pond is seasonal and is created by the sinking of the ground and the collection of rainwater and runoff.

As the four ducks bobbed their heads in and out of the water, coming up from the bottom with mouthfuls of mud, a constant stream of bubbles joined them on the surface.

"That's methane escaping," Connie Sidles said, explaining that gasses continue to rise from the landfill underneath the pond.

Sidles and her husband John, an orthopedics professor at the UW, are avid birdwatchers and give tours of the wetlands to groups such as the Audubon Society.

The methane bubbles, she said, serve as a reminder that a massive landfill makes up the foundation for the wetlands.