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The Seattle Times
At the University of Washington's Surplus Store, Eric Wahl has gained quite a following because of his idiosyncratic, humorous descriptions of desks, chairs and computer parts that are listed on its website.
April 26, 2012

When you have a master's degree in creative writing but end up working at the University of Washington's Surplus Store, you need an outlet for those creative juices.

Luckily for Eric Wahl, one of his jobs there is describing for the store's website all those no-longer-needed desks, chairs, microscopes and even baby grand pianos.

So a bunch of old TVs being sold at $15 to $25 each become not pedestrian electronics, but:

"We regularly receive a variety of 'pre-HD, pre-widescreen, pre-light-weight' televisions that we're happy to offer at 'non-crazy' prices. Historians tell me these implements are great for viewing 'pre-HD, pre-rectangle, pre-3D, pre-I-don't-need-to-see-the-newscaster's-pores' DVDs and such."

And a dummy like the ones used in CPR classes, a synthetic male torso priced at $5, becomes:

"Your Sister's Prom Date, 'Brad.' Say what you will; he doesn't sass back."