News Source: 
The Daily
November 30, 2004

UW Motor Pool Operations has been recognized as one of seven Washington facilities in fighting pollution. It was awarded the 2004 Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention and Sustainable Practices.

According to manager David Carr, motor pool has many ways of minimizing harmful effects on the environment, the most important of which is not well-known.

"The single most important contribution motor pool makes to pollution prevention and sustainable practices is often overlooked," Carr said.

He said motor pool has a goal of providing a fleet of rental vehicles for all staff, faculty and students to use for UW business so they can carpool, reducing environmental impact.

Motor pool was also honored for other ways it is able to minimize waste and save energy. Some strategies include using up to 400 fewer gallons of chemical cleaning solvent each year by using soap and water, recycling antifreeze to reduce antifreeze purchases by 300 to 600 gallons per year and purchasing more efficient Health Sciences Express buses, which produce 60 to 80 percent less exhaust fumes.