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UW Today
May 8, 2013

UW outcompetes PAC-12 schools

In the grand champion category comparing paper, glass and can recycling with the amount of garbage thrown away, the UW outcompeted all the PAC-12 schools entered in this year’s Recyclmania, an eight-week contest when universities and colleges are ranked on how much recycling, food waste and trash they collect.

Among all the 270 colleges and universities competing in the grand champion category, UW ranked 83. In the category for food services organics, which considers the weight of food waste composted per person on campus, UW was 38th. Considering the total weight of paper and mixed containers recycled on campus, the UW was 35th. And considering the weight of paper and mixed containers recycle per person on campus, UW was 183rd.

In addition to the national competition, UW Housing and Food Services sponsored a competition between UW residence halls. During the two month period, McMahon had the highest waste diversion of all residence halls (highest recycling and compost combined, lowest garbage). Poplar came in second for the highest diversion rate even though it has no dining facility.  McMahon also had the highest compost rate of all the residence halls, followed by Terry/Lander. Hansee had the highest recycling rate of all residence halls.