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New plug-in hybrid car, solar-assisted key manager
March 5, 2009

Fleet Services (formerly Motor Pool) has added some new features to its UCAR program, making car-sharing more convenient -- and green -- than ever for the UW community. Four UCARs are now available in the N22 parking lot, directly across from Hall Health. The site features a solar-assisted key manager, the electronic box where UCAR users retrieve vehicle keys after making reservations online. A solar panel on top of the key manager collects energy to supplement its battery, helping to extend the battery life, according to Fleet Services Program Coordinator Larissa Austin.
Fleet Services is also experimenting with energy conservation in another way: by introducing its first plug-in hybrid car, a Toyota Prius. The car's home base is the S1 lot in the South Campus Parking Garage, and it has been assigned to the nearby Department of Laboratory Medicine to use for a courier route. The department uses four other Fleet Services hybrids for its routes; they traded one regular Prius for the plug-in version last week.