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National Crosstalk Journal
Environmental stewardship is a top priority at the University of Washington
October 1, 2008

The University of Washington is helping to lead a nationwide movement among institutions of higher education to improve their environmental stewardship and focus on sustainability. Indeed, environmental stewardship is an inescapable fact of life at UW—and not just in the academic and research arenas, although it is there, too.

Krysta Yousoufian is serious about her commitment to the environment. This is why the 19-year-old University of Washington sophomore turns off her lights and unplugs her computer monitor every morning before she leaves her dorm room, and uses the computer labs whenever possible, even though her mother has offered to buy her a new, more energy-efficient LCD monitor. (It would be wasteful, she says, to get rid of her old one.) That is why she volunteered last year to help feed the university’s worm bins at the school’s urban farm. And why she has spent time educating new students about the university’s aggressive recycling and composting program, and why she religiously saves her apple cores and other food scraps to contribute to it, even though it sometimes means keeping them in her dorm room overnight.