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UW Today
National association honors UW for waste management, sustainability
May 16, 2012

The UW has been awarded a gold medal for waste management by the National Association of Colleges and Universities [Food Services]. The recognition acknowledges the work of the UW Department of Housing & Food Services in reducing waste sent to landfills and increasing campus composting and recycling.

“Our program has come a long way since its early beginnings,” said Micheal Meyering, manager of Housing & Food Services.

“We started our first front-of-the-house compost pilot at the Eleven 01 Café in February 2007. The 70,000-plus members of our campus community are the real winners. They make it happen every day by participating as environmental stewards.”

In addition to waste management, the association also recognized sustainable dining practices in four other operational categories: procurement practices, energy and water conservation, materials and resources, and outreach and education.