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UW Mailing Services
July 29, 2011

According to the data of one our partners IMN – Intra Mail Net, our Junk & Misaddressed Mail Reduction Initiatives for the University of Washington so far for 2011 have reduced or saved the following:

  • 97 trees didn’t have to be cut down
  • 140 mil BTU’s – enough power for two homes for a year
  • 124 lbs of sulfur dioxide emissions or the equivalent of 23 - 18 wheeler trucks for a year
  • 27,373 lbs of C02 that two homes would generate in a year
  • Overall: 9,003 lbs or 4.5 tons of paper saved

UW Mailing Services received 3,458 pieces via our partner network IMN during 2011 that cleanses databases to clean-up errors or delete in-valid addresses from mailings. Weight of the mail pieces ranged from 0.17 pounds (Cole-Parmer) to 8.7 pounds (Cole-Parmer). Adjusting for the removal of records for people no longer at University of Washington, corrections, and duplicate records, the IMN address hygiene process reduced paper waste by 9,003 pounds (4.5015 tons).

On average, almost 40 percent of the records for University of Washington needed an address or formatting correction. Around 40 percent were for people no longer at the university or duplicate records. As a result, between 40 percent and 80 percent of the mail pieces could have ended up in the recycle bin without these efforts.

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