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The Daily
December 4, 2011

While biking on campus, UW sophomore Ben Ross went over a curb and popped a tube in his tire. Instead of going home or to a bike shop to do repairs, Ross stopped by a self-repair bicycle station near Kane Hall.

“[The bike service station] was convenient and a good resource to bikers at the UW,” said Ross, who was referred to the maintenance and repair facility by a friend.
Last month, bicycle repair stations were installed in five locations on campus. The self-service station, called the Dero Fixit, is equipped with basic maintenance tools such as an air pump, screwdriver, and different types of wrenches. Upper loops on the Dero Fixit allow for the bicycle to be suspended above the ground during repair.
The Dero Fixit was made possible by a grant from the UW Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) and was planned and overseen by UW Commuter Services. The grant from the mandatory student fee program provided about $7,000 for the Dero Fixit equipment, installation, and cost of labor to oversee the project.