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Campus Sustainability Fund approves first round of projects
January 9, 2012

This spring, the Quad’s vibrant cherry blossom trees will be given a run for their money. By then, a green wall — a diverse wall of vegetation — will cover the side of Gould Hall. The green wall is a part of a Biodiversity Green Wall, Edible Green Screen + Water Harvesting Demonstration project. The green screen will be for plants that are planted in the ground and climb like vines, which will allow students to explore the concept of vertical surfaces as a way to grow local plants when space in an urban environment is limited. The water-harvesting demonstration portion will capture water from the roof of Gould Hall and store it in a cistern to be used for irrigation.

"[The three parts of the project] all feed off of each other," said Leann Andrews, lab manager at the UW College of Built Environments" Green Futures Lab. “We want to make it holistic."

This project, which will receive $86,800 in funding, is one of the five projects approved by the Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) for its first round of projects this year. The CSF arose in 2009 from a student initiative to have more involvement with the UW’s sustainability efforts. Funding is provided for projects that will lower the UW’s environmental impact, and UW students, staff, and faculty are all eligible to apply for funding.