UW Campus Sustainability Fund members go through the design process
February 6, 2012

With new efforts such as UW Farm, do-it-yourself bike repair stations, and the first-annual sustainability summit sprouting up around campus, the UW is going green. The Campus Sustainability Fund (CSF) is part of the process. But what goes on behind the scenes is a design meant to improve visibility on campus.

The CSF gave Husky Sustainable Storms (HSS) $9,220 to design a stormwater infrastructure project, called a bioswale, by the end of winter quarter, and they expect results.

Stefanie Young, project manager for construction and implementation of HSS, who is currently pursuing a master’s degree in urban planning, said the design phase is vital. Without it, she said the project cannot go forward.

“If we do something wrong, we could potentially have a waterfall on campus because we didn’t engineer it correctly,” she said. “That’s why you have this whole system to make sure you’re designing properly and correctly because if you fail, you could potentially cause a lot of damage.”

Young warned of a “waterfall” because the bioswale, once built, will deal with runoff from the N5 parking lot, located north of PACCAR Hall. Patrick Green, project manager for planning and outreach who is a candidate for concurrent master’s degrees in urban planning and public administration, said these structures often use a filtering system that works in sync with plants to keep pollutants out of local watersheds.