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The Daily
April 12, 2000

The women who rouses the hearts of environmentalists, strikes fear into the hearts of lumber companies, and gives the label "tree-hugger" new meaning will be speaking on campus tonight.

Julia Butterfly Hill, poet and activist, will be lecturing on life, love and spending two years in a redwood tree in Northern California's Humboldt County.

Her appearance, sponsored by the University Book Store, is part of a book tour touting "The Legacy of Luna". The book is a memoir of her time spent living on a platform in a thousand-year-old California Redwood that engendered the title of the book.

In the book, Hill recounts how she first came to California from Arkansas in 1997. Traveling with friends, she first came into the Redwoods in her early twenties and was inspired to join environmentalists crusading for old-growth forests.