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The Daily

Centralized power-saving software hit UW-owned computers and laptops earlier this month. In the future, this software, Tivoli Endpoint Manager (TEM), may be available to all campus members for their personal computers.

The Seattle City Light (SCL) rebate program was used to help finance the TEM software. This software reports power usage to a server and manages power used on campus.

“In UW IT’s mind, [TEM] supports the UW’s Climate Action Plan and the power-usage management efforts that [UW Facilities & Services] is undertaking,” said Sandra McGowan, assistant director of UW IT.

Bringing TEM to the UW was a collaborative project between UW Facilities & Services, the Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability Office, and UW IT.

“This is exciting for us because the Climate Action Plan is looking at different strategies to reduce our carbon [footprint],” said Claudia Frere, manager of UW Environmental Stewardship and Sustainability. “So this is going to be a really helpful start to actually develop baseline measures so the university is able to really see how much energy we are saving.”