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The Daily

While the UW men’s basketball program fell short of advancing to the NCAA tournament this year, the UW made it to the top four of another March Madness competition.

The UW advanced to the final round of the second annual Environmental March Madness Tournament, a national competition recognizing colleges and universities that demonstrate environmental excellence and sustainability efforts.

The competition is sponsored by Enviance, a company that provides environmental management and tracking software, in partnership with GreenBiz Group and Qualtrics. The other three schools reaching the “Finest Four” were Colorado State University, George Mason University, and Ohio State University, which was crowned champion earlier this week.

“Each of the schools advancing to the ‘Finest Four’ has a rock-solid academic curriculum for environmental sustainability studies and has demonstrated the ability to inspire a new generation of environmental professionals by combining their curriculum with innovative initiatives that capture the passion and imagination of their students, faculty, and administrators,” said Lawrence Goldenhersh, CEO and president of Enviance and a tournament judge.

The tournament was created to evaluate colleges’ and universities’ environmental curriculum and degree programs, opportunities for students, and campus sustainability efforts.