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The Daily
October 18, 1995

For most people at the UW, recycling means little more than tossing an empty aluminum can or an old copy of The Daily into the recycling bin.Very few people think of it beyond a simple reflex. However, before 1990, the University of Washington didn't even have a comprehensive recycling program in place. The Waste Stream Analysis Task Force was formed in 1989, designed to assess disposed waste at the UW and how much of that waste is actually recyclable. The actual analysis began in November 1990. "The results were quite interesting," said Diana Perey Carter, director of transportation at the UW. Among the results was data concerning the residence halls. Even though a recycling program has been in place in the residence halls for at least 10 years, a large proportion of recyclable material was found among the disposed waste, said Vennie Gore, administrator for residence halls and family housing operations. Newspapers accounted for 10.8 percent of the waste, corrugated paper represented 12.3 percent and mixed paper came to 10.9 percent.