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UW Solar
March 19, 2014

Have you seen the blue Artisan Electric trucks outside of Mercer Court recently? An uncanny number of men and women in hard hats and construction vests? The orange tape flying from penthouses on top of Mercer A? UW-Solar’s construction is well underway!

Construction began March 10, with our selected vendor, Artisan Electric, and UW Housing and Food Services coordinating to install 178 panels on top of Mercer Court’s building A. It is hard to believe it is finally here–after more than a year of coordination and preparation, the combined effort of our team, Housing and Food Services, the UW Campus Sustainability Fund, and the Bonneville Environmental Foundation have resulted in what will be a stunning array (pun intended) of clean, green energy for the residents and visitors to Mercer Court.

UW-Solar will position monitors and publish to the web real-time and historical energy production and savings information from the solar panel installation. These monitors will provide data for student and faculty researchers studying renewable energy, and provide information to the general public about solar power in Seattle.

We have a webcam monitoring the installation and will have a time-lapse video available once construction is complete!