News Source: 
The Daily
January 30, 2012

Students at the UW Bothell campus are using a Facebook game to raise awareness — and funding — for the restoration of local wetlands.

The game, entitled UWB Wetlands, was inspired in part by the lack of knowledge about the campus wetlands program.

“Somebody pointed out that we have this huge wetland restoration project on the campus,” said Scott Berfield, executive producer for UW Bothell’s Center for Serious Play. “It’s the biggest and most successful [project] on the West Coast, but a lot of people don’t even know it exists.”

Because of the viral nature of Facebook games, the Center for Serious Play decided to begin development on a game inspired by popular applications like FarmVille and CityVille.

“We decided on a Facebook game because it was a relatively simple and very, very popular platform,” said Simone de Rochefort, a student intern at the Center for Serious Play and co-designer of UWB Wetland Restoration. “We also figured it would be a good place to create a project that displayed what students are able to do when they’re given the correct mentorship.”